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Watch as beautiful 18 and 19-year-old babes are brainwashed into becoming the ultimate sex slaves!

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At Brainwashed Teens they break-in naughty 18 and 19-year-old babes all day long. These bad girls are craving some discipline in their lives and the slave master at Brainwashed Teens is more than happy to whip them into shape. He’s essentially a sex therapist, except that he prefers to take a more hands on approach with his patients. When the women arrive at his office, he already knows exactly what they’re looking for, but he goes through the motions of asking them what their issue is and what they’d like from him. Once that’s out of the way he switches into master mode and commands the ladies to strip off. In Marina’s case, he tells her to get naked, then sit on his couch and spread her legs. This petite brunette cutie has a great body and some nice natural tits. The Master inserts his finger into her wet vagina and tickles her g-spot till she moans with pleasure. Next he hands her a vibrator and glass dildo and tells her to use them simultaneously. Vibrator on her clit, dildo in her tight pussy. Once he’s satisfied she’s completely under his control, he tells her to get on her knees. He waits for her to beg for his cock then he pulls it out and she immediately goes to work with her mouth and hands. As a reward for pleasing him, he shoots his load all over her face and in her mouth and watches as she happily gulps it down. This is just one scene of the 34 that are currently available. Even though there are only a limited amount of scenes available, your membership comes with bonus access to 40+ Fetish Network sites and 1000’s of HD videos.

Brainwashed Teens has a regular monthly fee of $39.95 which you can reduce by up to 80% when you join today. To receive this hugely reduced monthly fee you must opt for the 1-year membership for $99.95. With this 12-month plan your average monthly cost is cut to just $8.33 which is a huge discount of 80%. There’s also a 6-month membership for $69.95, which works out to $11.66 per month and a savings of 71%. If you prefer a standard monthly subscription, check out the $19.95 per month deal which grants you a lifetime savings of 50% per month.

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As a member you gain full access to 34 exclusive scenes as well as thousands of additional scenes and regular updates from Fetish Network.

1 Month Brainwashed Teens Membership

Save $20 off the regular fee when you join on a monthly basis with this deal.
$ 19.95 $ 39.95

3 Month Brainwashed Teens Membership

Save 67% and pay an average of just $13.32 per month with a 3-month membership plan.
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6 Month Brainwashed Teens Membership

Save 71% and pay an average of just $11.66 per month when you purchase a 6-month membership plan for $69.95.
$ 11.66 $ 39.95

12 Month Brainwashed Teens Membership

Save 80% and pay an average of just $8.33 per month with the purchase of a 1-year membership plan for just $99.95.
$ 8.33 $ 39.95
$8.33 – Brainwashed Teens Discount (80% Off)
$8.33 – Brainwashed Teens Discount (80% Off)
8.33 39.95
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