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Fake Photoshoot

A fake photoshoot turns into a hardcore debut for the amateur babes featured at this porn site.

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Fake Shooting takes you inside the perverted world of a shady casting agent who gets his jollies by duping hot amateurs into having sex with him on camera. He lures them in with bogus classified ads which promise modeling or acting work. When they arrive at his place, they have no clue what they’re in for. Probably they expect a typical interview scenario, but instead they are told if they want to make it big in the entertainment business, they must first let him sample the goods. In other words, strip off and let’s see how you look naked. The brighter women run for the hills, while the naive and desperate, oblige him. Considering there are 79 scenes inside the member’s area now, it would appear as though a surprising number of women have fallen for his lies. Our buddy the fake agent does not discriminate when it comes to women, so you’ll find a wide range of body types and ages inside the member’s area. From fresh-faced 18 and 19-year-olds, sexy 20 somethings, and mature MILF types in their 30s and 40s. Recently a sexy blonde 18-year-old by the name of Ria appeared on the site. She’s a go-getter and figures if she must suck a few dicks on the way up the ladder so be it. Unfortunately for her, the only one receiving anything out of this suck and fuck session will be the “agent”. Well, she’ll receive his cum all over her ass, but that’s about it.

The standard cost of a full membership to Fake Shooting is $29.95 per month but if you sign up today you can reduce your fee by as much as 61%. For you to receive such a large discount you must select the 6-month membership for $69.95. Choose this plan and your average monthly expense is reduced to just $11.66. They also offer a 3-month membership for $49.95 which cuts your average monthly cost to $16.65. If you prefer a standard month-to-month subscription, simply select the 34% off deal. With this plan you’ll pay just $19.95 per month which is a recurring savings of $10.00.

$11.66 – Fake Shooting Discount (61% Off)
$11.66 – Fake Shooting Discount (61% Off)
11.66 29.95
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